What We Do

Working with Human Resource Departments, we assess the needs of organizations, identify health education opportunities and implement comprehensive wellness programs to improve the health and well being of employees. Specifically, we provide wellness programs centered around current US Preventive Services Task Force recommendations which are most amenable to the workplace setting. 

Our Philosophy

A well designed workplace wellness program should improve modifiable health risk factors in the employee population, decrease medical costs and reduce absenteeism; and should produce indirect benefits such as enhanced morale, increased productivity, and higher levels of employee engagement resulting in better recruitment and retention of key talent.

Our Methods

Successful wellness programs are designed to meet both the needs and interests of the employees and support the mission of the organization. Lovelace Corporate Wellness will work in tandem to develop assessments, collect baseline information, determine interests and important health topics, as well as a discover existing worksite resources. 

In order to determine which health strategies will be most valuable, Lovelace Corporate Wellness will administer a voluntary health risk assessment for enrolled participants. The organization will receive an aggregated (redacted) report. Employees will receive a confidential report with suggested strategies to improve health risks. 

Our Goals

Through the implementation of evidence based strategies, our goal is to provide a cost effective worksite wellness program ultimately creating a workplace culture that assists, encourages and supports employees to obtain their optimal health status. 

Healthy, happy employees can’t necessarily be captured on a spreadsheet, but successful programs are strongly and consistently evaluated. Based on pre-determined specific metrics, Lovelace Corporate Wellness provides pre and post evaluation with periodic check-ups throughout the year. 

Health Coaching

  • Onsite Medically Guided Classes
  • Weight Management
  • Stress Management
  • Nutrition / Food Preparation Basics
  • Exercise for Life and Health

Chronic Disease Management

  • Intake Determined by Health Risk Appraisal
  • Lab Testing Glucose, Lipid Panel, HGBA1c
  • Individualized Service - Four quarterly Meetings
  • Immunization Review and Administration
  • Pharmaceutical Review and Recommendation

Tobacco Cessation

  • Medically Supervised Cessation Program
  • Pharmacological Support (NRT, Zyban, Chantix)
  • Group Classes

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