Medically Guided Corporate Wellness

Health Coaching

Our corporate health coaching program is designed to meet the needs and interests of the employees while also supporting the mission of the organization.

Our program is much more than weight management and tobacco cessation. We offer on-site, as well as telehealth programs. Additionally, customized webinars are offered to meet the requests of the participants. 

Our goal is to help companies create a workplace culture that assists, encourages and supports employees to obtain their optimal health status and live their best life.

Health Coaching +

We firmly believe that successful behavior changes are linked to accountability and consistent encouragement. This is one of the most important benefits we offer and is the foundation of our programs.  

It is well documented that excessive stress not only can interfere with productivity but it can also impact physical and emotional health. Our holistic approach incorporates health for the mind, body and spirit. Cultivating mindfulness and stress management techniques are core elements, not after thoughts of our health coaching. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body, and a healthy body leads to a healthy spirit.

Service Features

Weight Management

Onsite and Telehealth Options

Video Library

Full Access to Health Coaching Videos


Customized Webinars for Requested Health Topics

Resource Library

Full Access to Downloads, Healthy Recipes, and Exercise Plans

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