Medically Guided Corporate Wellness

Chronic Disease Management

Our Chronic Disease Management program specifically targets participants with type 2 diabetes risk factors, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular health concerns.

To determine which health strategies will be the most valuable, LCW administers voluntary health risk assessments. Aggregated, redacted reports are provided to the organization for benchmark measures and employees receive a confidential report with personal strategies to improve their health risks.

Immunization and Pharmaceutical Review

Not everyone was or is fully vaccinated. Helping to ensure adults in the workplace are optimally vaccinated is part of the comprehensive nature of our corporate wellness program.

For participants with one or more chronic illnesses, we review medications, vitamins, and over the counter drugs for efficacy, safety, convenience and cost.


Service Features

Chronic Disease Management

Onsite and Telehealth Options

Video Library

Full Access to Health and Coaching Videos


Customized Webinars for Requested Health Topics

Resource Library

Full Access to Downloads, Healthy Recipes, and Exercise Plans

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